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Nick Kenny - Manager 

RoughTwist 2013 


Nick has recently joined forces with the RoughTwist lads with views leading on to bigger and better things. With proven business prowess, everyone is very much looking forward to working with Nick. this space!


Simon Brown - Photography & Video

RoughTwist 2012/13 and Standby Video



TravellingSimon Photography 

Simon has been supporting us for some time now and has taken some fantastic photos of us in action. He recently decided to help us create a music video which we are amazed with! If this is a sign of things to come we are very excited and hope to work with Simon again on our next video project!

(Click on Picture for Link)

Charles Leek - Video & Camera Operator

RoughTwist 2012 and Standby Video



Along with Simon, Charles captured some impressive video footage for the Standby Video. This coupled with advise and experience from producing film and video helped our shoot go smoothly and ensure that the end production was the best it could be.

(Click on Picture for Link)

Alex Wright - Photography

2012 Photoshoot Pictures


Ten Eight Photography

Alex got involved with us very early on this year and came down to a rehearsal to meet us all and get some photos. These were great and to help us along he did a professional photo shoot for us in an empty warehouse. These shots are on the website and i'm sure you will all agree they are fantastic

.(Click on Picture for Link)

Steve Thornhill - Photography

RoughTwist 2012 and Standby Behind the Scenes Video



Steve has been down to loads of our gigs and captured some awesome images of us. we had a proper laugh filming the Standby video where Steve was there to get some 'in the making' photos and video that we hope to release to you all soon.

(Click on Picture for Link)

Fiona McKillop- Artist & Photography

RoughTwist 2012 Standby Artwork



Fiona is a long term band friend and mastermind behind our Standby single CD artwork. A professional artist who exhibits accross Europe and has produced CD artwork for other bands including the fantastic VirginMarys.

(Click on Picture for Link)

Kelly Smith

RoughTwist 2012 Model

Friend of the band Kelly has been around since we got togeather but recently has been trying to crack the modeling industry. To our delight she agreed to help us out with our artwork and video for the Standby single. Stunning good looks, Kelly has done us proud. 

(Photo Steve Thornhill)

Joe Roberts

RoughTwist 2012/13 Producer


Working with Joe has been a fantastic opportunity for us and a major influence to our recording and producing this year. Joe's extenstive knowledge, style and industry contacts have opened up a new world to us and have made some new friends on the way.

(Click on Picture for Link)

Peter Beckmann - Technology Works Mastering

RoughTwist 2012/13 Mastering and CD Production


Through Joe we worked with Peter to add the final polish to the tracks in the form of mastering, a process that requires attention to detail an a keen ear. Peter did a great job for us and helped us out greatly with the transition to final CD production. 

(Click Picture for Link) 

Rafe MC Kenna

RoughTwist 2012/13 Track Mixing

Another of Joe's industry contacts, Rafe has been working hard to help us achieve 'our sound' through the mixing process. A delicate and time consuming process, but with results that can make or break the track. Rafe's style and detail has suited us well.

(Click Picture for Link)

Tim Oliver

RoughTwist 2012 Track Mixing

Tim has also been involved in some of our tracks and produced alternative mixes. A completely different sound is achieved between the two mixing engineers and has shown us what can be achieved with our material.

(Click Picture for Link)

Ross Wilson

RoughTwist 2012  Support Crew


Ross has been a friend of the band from the beginning and has helped us out with all sorts including transporting drunk band members, equipment roadie and sound engineer. Forever dependable, thanks for you continued support and help.

(Photo By Steve Thornhill)

Iain MacDonald

RoughTwist 2012  Support Crew


Professional Lighting Engineer and band friend, Iain has helped us out on many occasions and did a wicked job at the band single launch and video filming.

Margin Music Macclesfield

RoughTwist 2012  Business Contact


A mutual stomping ground of the RT band and a place where many of them met. Macclesfield only remaining Music shop.

(Click Picture for Link)


RoughTwist 2012  Business Contact


Founded by a fellow Macclesfield lad, MusicVibe is a fast growing online music resource. Interviews, videos, online blogs, events and more are hosted for the ever expanding community of users. 

(Click Picture for Link)

The Big RED Recording and Rehearsal Studio

RoughTwist 2012  Business Contact


Located close to the town centre of Macclesfield is a large high quality rehearsal suite and studio. A favourite of ours with ample facilities for the 6 of us to rehearse comfortably, with two top lads running the studio.

(Click Picture for Link)

Trackside Studios Ltd

RoughTwist 2012  Business Contact


Also in close proximity to the town centre of Macclesfield are Trackside Studios rehearsal rooms. Boasting several well sized rooms with PA systems. The owners and staff are all big into music and do a lot to help out local bands regardless of where they rehearse. 

(Click Picture for Link)

Townsend Records

RoughTwist 2012  Business Contact


Introduced via The VirginMary's, Townsend are our partners for distribution and online sales of physical CDs and digital content. Great to deal with and extremely helpful during the setup process.

(Click Picture for Link)


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